How to Rank a YOUTUBE video ?



  1. Target the keyword with minimum 5k searches on YT
  2. Title : 65-100 words length (targeted kw at first place, describe a bit, alternate KW  )
  3. DESCRIPTION : 250 words (keyword stuffing, focus kw, alternate kw)
  4. 80% KW works for the ranking.
  5.   10% Urge user to subscribe in describe Like this  : Give social links, “Make sure to subscribe”, related video and give 3-4 url in the description and this would make 400 Description which is perfect.
  7.  tags :  related keywords, suggestion help for YT crawler, HOW ? break your video title and put them in tags. USE # before making tags
  8.  Your video views comes on THUMBNAIL basis (We all know that)
  9. Make an awesome thumbnail to drive traffic on your video
  10. Attract viewers via suggested videos, which can be done by your tags
  11. USE video editing software  to compile videos and make good quality videos
  12.  New video automatically added to Suggestion by YT (The new algorithm) >This is called viral trendy technique<
  13. HD , Avi, mpegvideo with low memory
  14. You can use 15 sec on any video it doesn’t violate Copyright



  1. Go to creator studio
  2. Go to video
  3. Go to CC option
  4. In this video there will no Copyrights owners
  5. Now play a drag and drop game
  6. First drag your own Intro of the video
  7. Thn drag those videos you liked and checked “Auto fix” for each video
  8. Make your own title
  9. Add audio And BOOOOOOOOOOM.