Surah Al-Anfal [8:36] – القرآن الكريم

This is an important ayat from Al-Quran to educate people about the Kufaars of now. The reasons are quiet simple and straightforward, they have been a great number of money based sect/groups in the surrounding with an extremely lethal purpose  to destroy the real teachings and concept regarding ISLAM. Since i have researched and contemplated in the past and prompt myself to get into stupid Twitter battle of typing when it comes to eliminate people belong to that particular community, i decided to give my perspective via this reference from the noble Quran.


My aim here to demonstrate those fake agendas and propaganda against the peaceful religion(Islam). You may have noticed some money based so called communities have been actively found on different platforms and their mission is to raise their numbers by providing people all important help to get into their masses. These stupid communities  misguiding  people(MUSLIMS) and drag them into their falsehood stuff which has absolutely nothing to do with ISLAM.

I repeat , i have kept on using the word “MONEY BASED RELIGION” so just to clear all  the minds out there, to be very very careful and always ASK ALLAH for the protection and help. I just guess many of the reader would have understood about whom i m talking about here.







My first ever book(in progress)

I always wanted to write something in a detailed manner, so this e-book would be chapter wise and i keep on updating this post. Although my writing skills are not as effective as it has to be according to some authors but i will try me best to put things in descent words. I hope people would contemplate the whole thing and understand the divine powers of ALLAH. 🙂