Pakistani Marriage trends in a NUTSHELL !!

  • Our Couples( bride and Bridegrooms) seems like Portable cosmetic factory
  •  Our most of the marriage rituals are that of Hinduism and imitating western trends seems so called modernization
  •  Fake laughter!  instead of enjoying quality time prefer quality photographs
  • Absolute disgrace of Trance music
  • Extravagant and contentiousness all over
  • The whole DRAMA  last long for at least 2 week. Just another listless way to waste the time.
  • Stupidity of cinematography especially at times of photo sessions
  • The bizarre intro of Dulha and Dhulan, the wailapan of Sport light, Blashphemy of trance music & people capturing the event from their phones as it’s quite necessary
  •  Fazool kharcha on jahil rasmo riwaj :p
  • Teasing bride and bridegroom as it is something part of necessary thing to do
  • Bridal shower !!! HAHAHAHAHA WTF

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