AGA KHAN HOSPITAL, why you do this ?

So, Aga khan hospital  is one of the elite and highly standardized  hospital of Karachi is famous for it’s VIP treatment. Of course, such sort of treatment would cost high and out of the range for middle class and poor people. I  always had relentless tussle with their system as they easily counter worst cases which is not in their favor, especially when it comes to carelessness from their side with their customers ( OOps, i mean patients ). Another thing which i never liked from team AKU that unlike many other labs they also charge immensely high on small LabTests which again out of the reach for some classes, knowingly they can easily fix this thing and provide cheap treatment so to being a good source of benefits , but NO MAN as i previously said in my that WHEN SAVING LIVES BECOME LETHAL BUSINESS  , khair janay do.


Back in the past they’re myriad cases have been emerged of absolute recklessness and ruthlessness which has brought misery for a lot of respective victims & their families. As a blogger, i hardly see anyone  Battled against them and played a vital party in  exposing them drastically. Thou here my intentions r not to expose them but important agenda here  to be raised is the consistency   continued to be so much what would i say  profoundly that even lately on 27th JAN 2016

Wrong injection by 2 weeks old intern takes patient’s life in Karachi, Aga Khan Hospital terms claims ‘unsubstantiated’

And the authority claims it as  ” unsubstantiated” ; Waah bhy waaah kamal hai. And soonay py suhaga intern khatoon named as Sehar Fatima  gayab bhi kardi spot say.

Check the video below:

Like this mishandling , they have also done a lot of nasty stuff which couldn’t be able to highlighted, moreover  some severe cases in the past are so heinous and blowing that you couldn’t expect from the quality this hospital system has made. But unfortunately no action taken as they’re in BIG BUSINESS and you can’t BAT AN EYE against their extreme negligence.

I AM NOT SAYING MONEY MAKING IS ILLEGAL, BUT IT’S WRONG ( in this way ). Have some guts and admit all your all important blunders  made in past. Whoever is responsible come out and be clear with your thing; Q K uper jo pakaar hogi tou wahan reference nahn lagta.


I know it wouldn’t be enough to unleashed the dynasty of such aristocratic medical system, but i always wanted to play my part to show chasm from my perspective and elimination of all sort of qualms one’s  have in the mind.  Following are some stuff collected to show what they have done in the past and none  of the authority took any kind of severe actions AGAINST THEM.

I also appreciate their entire system; they way they managed and facilitated a lot patients, saved lives; but please fix your experimental thing on patient and treat them like living being instead of  gadgets.

Their apology letter template came on 28th JAN 2017:





Below are the list of incidents which have beautifully identified by few sources.



A case of alleged medical negligence was reported at the Aga Khan University Hospital on Thursday when attendants claimed that their patient had died after being administered incorrect medical treatment by a trainee doctor.


Source:  exposed AgaKhanHospital


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