The fragility of the environement

Have you ever been to places where you find peace, calmness and inner comfy feelings. Places where you yourselves seems cling and attached with the nature, well apparently i can’t put my love for nature and beauty provided by almighty ALLAH into words because for me it’s quiet difficult to embrace the beauty in words as i go speechless every time i need to define it without deep contemplation.

Allah has made this planet ( EARTH ) beautiful thou it’s all deceiving since we all have an emaan of the doomsday but what i want to share here is the beauty of nature, how wonderfully your creator has setup the entire thing perfectly in an  epic way so that every being enjoy the fragility of it and much importantly connection between the two;  strong bond.

If you’ve been to some island or mountainous ares or some remote areas where you see immense amount of wildlife especially hilly areas, woods, rivers, lake, valleys etc believe me you can’t able to pay back the bounties  provided by your CREATOR.

These sources certainly attract you if you understand the positive signals and vibes, i m not saying it’s wrong but what’s the interesting point here is  that we all should once give it a go to attach with the significance of the nature. You’ll certainly feel content and intact because unknowingly you’re praising the miracles of ALLAH via  nature.

We all have crazy schedule, we’re living in panic, chaos everywhere; i know it’s difficult but i’d suggest you all to take some decent time and try to give it a go, A REAL GO. For instant benefits to enjoy the magnificence of the auspicious nature,  the suggestion is to witness the  dawn time all along with the sunrise. You will definitely rejoice the birds chirping, cool breeze (we call it SABA in URDU) and especially it will change your lifestyle and a good health.


P.S : I took some 10 mins to write this piece, so apologies if i have made any grammatical errors. 🙂



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