As i was Googl-ing to see the expected queries in the form of auto completion following results made me ponder more as 1/5 was against it.


Basically the idea behind this blog is the comprehending stuff as the way i see in the chasm and perspective to be presented in the well deliberate drafted form. Although i always prefer  Documentary over writing quality blog, but obviously it’s kind of blaspheming the art of blogging.

So coming to the point what i experienced about FORMAL EDUCATION is nothing but a FORM OF INDOCTRINATION as well. As the word indoctrination define as “person is expected not to question or critically examine the doctrine they have learned”. Well of-course i have choose the interested part   from wiki to impose my point of view more deeply as the word means itself.

Before starting i just want the reader to turn into critical thinker, chase your dreams, resists these boundaries, show creativity, don’t kill your passion and commitment, do something extra-ordinary, show what you’re worth for, chase your dreams, leave your legacy over the INTERNET

  • Education system almost clone industry system
  • The idea is quite vague to be optimistic.

What’s the interesting part of formal education pinches me to speak out is the zero percent modernization and revolutionary advancement and enhancement to our syllabus, context and standard.

We have same classroom thing as it was a century before, same teaching thing in the form hypnosis, same assignment, quizzes and exam sickness, for them grade matters not the score, a student intelligence is based on good score instead his/her ideas or invention, just learn whatever you’re taught in the minimalist amount of time 4-6 semester and being a stupid follower in the race of getting cool scores by study hardest from shitty ppt and pdf handouts and synthesize stuffs in the flying color fashion.

Even nowadays in PAKISTAN, education has become a remarkable business in the form of private universities and mummy daddy school system.


In fact the disturbing point here is the obedience to carry away the things they want and if someone mess around or resists either he/she been sent to backwardness with the astounding kind of cruelty of their perspective.





But wait, do you know

Steve Jobs ?

Aaron Shawtz ?
or other drop out or resistor. Well that’s the point here, to become a owner of your idea and critical thinking what you all need to be best analyzer of yourself. Forget about the people, PEOPLE ARE BULLSHIT. You, yourself is responsible for your great construction of ideas to show the world that what u’re capable and creativity of hunt confined inside YOU.


DO THIS FORMAL EDUCATION KILLS CREATIVITY ? Well, here’s this amazing TED TALK to do my honors to throw away massive amount of explanation and discourage those who still backs it.



No wonder they’re yet other points to be delivered, but i am too lazy to put here bcoz people won’t bother onwards.



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