Gangs of Wassaypur(I & II)

Disclaimer : I don’t watch Bollywood movies, bus is movie ka level hai jo kay tasleem karna zaruri tha.

As plot quoted by our very own IMDB :

“A clash between Sultan and Shahid Khan leads to the expulsion of Khan from Wasseypur, and ignites a deadly blood feud spanning three generations.”

REVIEW(user’s) : The movie has penetrating dialogues, harsh naked truth characters and language.

Well although Bollywood just produced handful amount of quality movie and rest are just “Kachra”, but this movie is beautifully depicted and showed an honest chasm even from the perspective of a Karachite. This movie so much has to offer, in fact if you’re an Karachite you can have better idea about all these happening as a real witness.

This movie showed khoon kharab, Na-maloom Afrad factor, people who rig election, the big fishes(elite criminals), gang war fasaad,  halaat kharab stuff, dukaanain band karwana and more importantly how business works. The story is yet based on real events which can be seen throughout both of the parts.

The acting by Manoj Bajpae, his spouses and  sons especially Nawaz Uddin is one sublime piece of work by these ACTORS.

Being a Karachite  you can surely without any critics agree with  the script. Some says it’s a clone of the movie godfather(which is true), but the way they should desi phenomena is an absolutely banter.

Do watch this movie in censor version due to the expletives language used in the whole movie. Keep in mind the theory i explained in the blog and learn to understand how these criminals are influential in our society.

So i end up with this movie quote which also telling us


 As long as there are f**king movies(Bollywood) in this country people will continue to be fooled.

Here is the movie url :





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