TYPES OF ICS(integrated circuit)

Digital Integrated Circuits

The integrated circuits that operate only at a few defined levels instead of operating over all levels of signal amplitude are called as Digital ICs and these are designed by using multiple number of digital logic gates, multiplexers, flip flops and other electronic components of circuits.These logic gates work with binary input data or digital input data, such as 0 (low or false or logic 0) and 1 (high or true or logic 1).



Analog Integrated Circuits

This integrated circuit is almost obsolete and replaced by digital ones.


Mixed Integrated Circuits

The integrated circuits that are obtained by the combination of analog and digital ICs on a single chip are called as Mixed ICs. These ICs functions as Digital to Analog converters, Analog to Digital converters (D/A and A/D converters) and clock/timing ICs. The circuit depicted in the  above figure is an example of mixed integrated circuit which is a photograph of the 8 to 18 GHz self healing radar receiver.


Audio amplifiers

Timer ICs (for timer purposes)


LINK SHARED VIA : https://www.elprocus.com/different-types-of-integrated-circuits/



  • Digital Integgrated
  • Analog Integrated Circuits
  • Mixed Integrated Circuits
  • Logic Circuits
  • Switching ICs
  • Audio amplifiers

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