How long would a laptop battery last?

  • You can not simply answer how long a battery will last, it’s ‘rated battery life’, which you can probably find on the laptops model website. Is just a very brief guild line and not at all what you can expect sometimes.The battery life can depend on
    1. CPU clocks
    2. what you’re doing on your PC
    3. screen brightness

    So it’s hard to say.

  • The battery lifespan will depend on what you do with it. If you use in the way it is designed, it should last longer than 2 years.If you push it to its limits then maybe between 6 months to 2 years.

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What is the Difference Between 4-cell vs. 6-cell Laptop Batteries?



To put it simply, more cells means more power. In other words, a battery with a higher cell count means longer life. A 6-cell battery can outlast a 4-cell battery. But does that necessarily mean that one is “better” than the other? Depending on the brand and make of the battery, a 4-cell can last from 1.5 to even 3 hours, but that will vary due to specific details like screen brightness, battery power settings (running on low-usage or maximum-efficiency), playing games or watching DVDs/Blu-ray. Taking that into account, a 6-cell can last between 4 to 5 hours on a single charge. Again, it all varies depending on what you are doing with your laptop, or what you would like to do with your laptop on a single charge.


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