What is Super Power web 2.0 (explained strategies)

A web 2.0 bakclink actually become super when you’re strategy of backlinking is more than of one webpage. Yes you heard it write “more than one webpage”. It’s a bit complex way to make interconnected backlinks from different web 2.0 platforms, but once you do a quality work certainly you’ll get a fruitful output.

For this type of backlinking you must be tolerate some complexity just to show how focused you have to be let me explain in bullets.

  • You need fresh  Web 2.0 accounts site of well reputed sites like Scoop.it , Tumblr etc.


  • Post 1st article (remember to content should be unique, targeted, no grammatical mistake)


  • Post 2nd article and interlink 1st article with 2nd (LSI backlinking not the targeted kw)


  • Post 3rd article and inter link 2nd article to 3rd.


  • Post 4th article and inter link 3rd article with 4th and from 4rth article give back link with your main keyword to your targeted website/page(Money site)


Final call

  • Don’t index them by your ownself, let Google do it manually so it does look legal
  • Contents length must be min 400 words.
  • Be patient enough, thou it’s a gray HAT SEO but it’s a helpful way as compare to spammy backlinks

Using 2.0s alone likely will not help you achieve #1 rankings.

You need to diversify your link profile with blogger outreach links, business citations, etc.

I recommend you use web 2.0s to supplement your link building strategy.


For more info about SUPER WEB 2.)  visit:


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