Why digital happiness matter ?

In the trend of social networking, internet of things and web 2.o  people have become quite pondered over their  exaggeration, appraisal, positive serene compliments on their profiles on different social platform. The urge which knocked me to put this issue in the words was well needed and it pleased me to write because a lot non-sense is going around.

You must have noticed masses around social networks are fond of admiring compliments in a fragile and non-lethal fashion; no matter it make them feel content but even someone praises them in a fake or a time pass way they actually don’t care as long they’re getting likes, harmless comments, +tive RTs/reply etc. These digital happiness (Digital Khuskiyaan) have become a routine pattern for most of us. Our social esteems have  become quite low. We as a social addicts people waste our precious amount of time in this worldly stuff which won’t get us better(at least). The point is to get off from these evil hobby of pondering on so called appreciation of good looks(no matter where it is coming from) on social networks, stop wasting time instead to doing something which connects you to the ULTIMATE CREATOR who sent you to this world for some purpose, don’t get yourself shackled in these digital happiness ^It’s ain’t worthy^, don’t distract yourself in this deceiving world.                 


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