Precedes with no enticement of emotional based story of 1947 havoc. The high standards of appealing   vocabulary to recall the scenes of the wild enthusiasm of people who participated in a tremendous significant movements from the war of independence (1857) till 1947 .

“LET’s PAKISTAN”, the quick instant urge is to demonstrate narration through power of handy words .To deliver thought about actual synchronized facts of so far collected ones. Following gathered facts are totally of no endorsements and nothing chanced of fancy the defame of the Pakistan .But its verily and purely all about the people of its (a major part of population). Jargon are totally local and undoubtedly domestic with no apologies for certain.

  •  At times popular people’s deaths considered to be martyrdom locally for hypocrites .
  • 2/3 of the  population so called wordy patriotic which showed up during national days .
  • Religious matters totally blasphemies through hypocrites “MOLANAs” of different FIQA systems .
  •  Corruptions and Scams both are as common as prior laws prohibited to be followed.
  • Exaggerating political stuffs for betterment for the nation are drastically goofed for people and it is  among the common tactical trick from day one.
  •  Common public assistance for the comfort which comes under daily use are in worst denial which includes traffic system,public utility assistance (bills,NIC,Passports etc),public transportation ,security and life saviors departments .
  •  NaMaloom Afraad damages and cause severe loss of their own people’s properties and assets  during planned devious HARTAALS .
  •  During holy months , using religious rituals and events as shields ,unknowingly violates basic religious teachings to disturb  great many people  through blocking roads or demand national holidays in bulk like “BAAP KI HUKOMAT” .
  • Stealing electricity the prior of all stealing and pretend it as “KOI GALAT KAAM NAHN HAI”.
  •  The contemporary standard of concerts through political reference popularly known as “JALSA”.

These common happenings around the country from many decades which needs to be highlighted for hypocrites people , and still idiotically many anticipating a bright CHANGE which is  happening all over the world’s stage but not in Pakistan . :p


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