My Pakistan – An Idiosyncratic instance of perspectives

As quickest as on the urge basis of rapidly  the countries around the world  progressing day by day and  many of them   heading towards from   higher to  highest in the chaos  to capture the best for their betterment ,to  ease to rose up their privileged  status in the world and keep them moving  constantly on the flow to  fly top of all. On the other hand, many 3rd world countries are on the platform of surviving even for the basic facilities for the human beings. Pakistan among them despite being enriched with all the possible natural resources offered by the CREATOR. Aim  of the blog is just to provide audience  with the hypocrite  knowledge and information  many   people of Pakistan  adopted which badly influenced their circumstances to live with unity, dignity,faith,discipline and prosperity .They by their own blunder mistakes  defamed   and minimized with constraint  concise in   downwards in the views of many people around from  past decades &  still it is being   continued with the  same rate  . Many people  have  an intellectual idea that  people of this nation are handy and toughest to compete  in any sort of  relevant stuff which helps to emerge out the innovations and consider Pakistan  to be called at least a NATION  in this fastest growing years era only if they stop been goofed as they are being from the day one . Now, back to the cornerstone matter  due to what the name of this blog chosen to be so circumlocution. Following are few fictions fact or just fact for the readers, depends . MY PAKISTAN where:

  • The standards to consider martyrdom simply clueless.
  • Every second preacher throws away “Fatwa” with great ease.
  • People confess to hate Jews using their social networks and regardless being owed of using their brands.
  • For many its lifeless if not showed interest in low valued Bollywood stuffs.
  • The favoritism and biased always been prior on the basis of caste system or else.
  • Disparage religions through adoption of misconception
  • Adoption of revolt marriage cultures(at times act of ostentatious ) .
  • Bribe and Parchi system is actually mandatory in the cultural rituals
  • The significance of the  national language brutally humiliated by people through awfully blasphemes URDU SALUTATIONS   .
  • Many of the people show the performance of BAD PERCEPTIONS before knowing the actual facts.
  • On national days people so easily exaggerates the attributes of  being proud and patriotism in spite of  not obeying laws as a LAWS ABIDING CITIZEN.
  • Celebrations are so called when no inflicting vulnerable weapon used.
  • Precious moments are lost in today’s debates which resultant nothing but phrased between the lines.

That summed up the figurative personal views gathered. What i feel is the most disconcerting about the change isn’t whether it’s a good or bad decision, its that we waste our breath trying to persuade another to take our position.  Above whatever I’ve mentioned just an   opinion, is just what an opinion is. Anyone can write a rebuttal to any of the above comments and completely negate my sentiment. In the end, you’ll    applauded, criticized or even cut down and feed backed rudely .But all results are good, Know this and you’ll be fine.


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