Employment opportunity on merit-basis !!

Employment is a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee. Employment opportunity comes directly from investment (including foreign direct investment and investment bank) to gain excessive profit in a Business plan in the capitalist economy.

The opportunity of employment should be on merit and should be compulsory in every part of the world. On the basis of merit we can get better employee which would be beneficial for the organization and will be on the standard as desired by the organization. On the basis of merit every eligible person will get chance of what he is worth of. He / She can be very much keen and devoted to this work if he/she gets the job on the basis of merit i.e., merit-basis recruitment.

Even Islam is also consider employment on the merit basis just because it has lots of profit for the organization and as well as employee. In the view of Islam merit-base employment worth you appropriate person for the appropriate position.

If you give someone chance of employment without on the basis of merit there would be lots of problems. Firstly there will be lots of sins would be counter in your Amaal-NAma just because Islam doesn’t appreciate illegal or cheated acts. Islam always gives us lesson to follow the right path no matter whatever happens.

So always provide opportunity on the basis of merit with all the legal acts and proper systems, just to make sure whatever you are doing is something should be helpful for you in the upcoming future and same goes for the employee as well .


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