Karachi distributed in pieces-Patchy violations

Karachi distributed in pieces-Patchy violations

“Karachi” a metropolitan city of Pakistan who never sleeps. A city considered “mini-Pakistan”, a city that provides jobs to thousands of people of this country, a city among 20 densely populated cities of the world. More than 50% of Pakistan’s economy always dependant from this part of the nation. It’s a city where every caste belongs from this nation lives in a great number according to ratio and individually as compare to other cities of Pakistan. Moreover it is also known as “City of lights”.


But the problem with Mega cities is also very big. The situation of Karachi from last 3-4 years is turned out to be devastated and catastrophic. Panic situation every passing day infect now in every passing hours. As usual Government is at silent spectator’s mode. They are just failed and helpless in these critical times.

City of Karachi is distributed in pieces because of violations. These violations include news like mobile snatchings, target killings, clash between two political parties, roads blocked due to rally, and protest against power failures and many more. Actually these are problems which becomes the part of routine of Karachiites and there habitual to it. People of this city used to be fearless, peacufull, fun loving, tranquil and welcoming but now always have a fear of living in this city. They are insecure, feeble and frightened. All their hopes from Government are ended.

The Karachiites wants a city where they should be no violations, law enforcement active every time, everything well managed as it’s used to be before. They want this city to be in great peace. They want their own their Karachi again. So For God’s sake it’s my appeal to Govt. to stop all these ridiculous acts, show your real strength and authorities, and let the peace be rebuilt. This city is the heart of Pakistan. Make everything alive again. Save Karachi save Pakistan 


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