Used “lets bygones by bygones” phrase for Pakistan because of the current panic situation of the country. We are living in 21st century but with a great number of crucial problems which is mediocre. These problems includes ;inflation,unemployment,terrorism,corruption and many more. Actually these hurdles reflecting on the country’s reputation,economy,negative impact of this nation. We consider as 3rd world country inspite of having a great number of opportunities.

Although these hurdles are very big but it can be easily be solved by “lets bygones by bygones” act between political parties of the nation. Political parties have the benefits and rights to work for the country. All political parties should forget about the past activities and should shake hand with each other and work hard with current govt. for the benefits of Pakistan.  They are the one who can create real big difference for the betterment and progress of Pakistan. All political parties should have friendly relationship among each other, positive thinking for the positive Pakistan, say no to “corruption” & “sinecure”. Let’s show your real worth and value your work .It’s a good time to give a new beginning to this nation.

It’s my appeal to all the political parties of the nation to act as patriotic countrymen, laws abiding leaders, beneficial individual. You can only give this nation a new beginning only if you think for the nation, work for the nation and show your full enthusiasm and devotion for the nation.Atleast give a chance to the youth of Pakistan because they can really value the worth for this country. They are the real assets and talent of the nation. Lets their hunt be illuminate for the country.

These are the facts which can give a new hope for Pakistan .These facts can remove negative impact of Pakistan on the other nation and in this way Pakistan can emboss as a emerging nation of the world removing all the negative drawbacks in the people’s mind towards it . LIVE LONG LIFE PAKISTAN



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